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The Thorn in Haman's Side

Tack in flesh

Haman almost succeeded.

His original intention was eradicate the Jewish People in a non-violent manner. He made sure that all the food and drink at the palace royal feast would adhere to the highest standards of Kashruth. He even set aside separate tables for the Jews. But he knew that the Jews would see and mingle with the tantalizing Persian young ladies whom he arranged to tempt them, knowing, from the historical precedent of the Midianite women (see Numbers, Ch. 25), that the way to destroy the Jews is to breach their holiness and reduce them to moral decadence.

Lucky for us that Mordechai saw right through Haman's evil designs. But instead of saying thank you, other Jewish leaders called him "extreme" and "primitive", claiming that he stood in the way of good relations between the Jews and the regime of Achashverosh. As such, except for a select few who believed in the true tzaddik (sound familiar?), the vast majority of Jews participated in the feast, thereby invoking the sternest of judgments on the Jewish People. Read all about it in The Thorn in Haman's Side, in this week's outstanding issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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