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Throwing Logic Away

Brains in the trash
One of the main impediments to connecting to Hashem is human logic - our own feeble brains. Why? Divine wisdom far surpasses human logic. We need emuna to connect to Hashem and not logic. What's worse, logic gets in the way of emuna too; this is another reason to cast our brains into the recycle bin.

Israel's greatest minds got fouled up when they followed their own logic, even when it was prophetic logic and the conclusions of minds more powerful than we can ever imagine. Yet, our forefathers were most successful when they cast all logic aside - despite their prodigious intellectual capacity - and did what Hashem told them to do.

Oftentimes, our spiritual leaders of the generation issue directives that don't seem logical to many people. We must remember that the Jewish People's failure to heed Mordechai's directive to refrain from participating in the palace feast almost caused their annihilation. Read all about it in my article about Shabbat Zchor, which is this week, Right Action, Right Time, in this week's issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

I want to thank everyone who sent me such wonderful fan mail encouraging me to write a weekly elaboration on the Torah portion. As a result, starting in this week's issue, there will be regular "Parsha Beams", explaining an aspect of the weekly parsha. This week is Parshat Tzav, and we discuss serving Hashem with no ulterior motives in All for the Boss.

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Bright Beams blessings for a wonderful new week!


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