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Tuesday, 25 March 2014


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If the material is on it's way to the garbage, isn't it kind of that the boss was Meyayish from it which would alow anyone to take it?

Lazer Brody

To Halacha Sheila, that's a good point, but in this case, only a portion of the leftover materials would end up in the garbage. And, once the worker would allow himself to take the "hefker" or "laachar yeush" articles, he easily gives himself a hater to take the unauthorized articles - that's why it's best to be careful and ask the boss - remember, that anything in doubt whether hefker, yeush or not is a sofek deoraissa - better not to take a chance.


Thanks Rabbi,
Your 100% right. Better safe than sorry! We know so many stories of Neshamas that had to come back down just to return something they "took" from someone else in a previous Gilgul!
There's an old Yidish joke that The Rebbe in Cheider would Teitch "loi Signoiv - Men Tur Nisht Trefen" (cuz ppl would use "I found it" as an excuse for Genaiva)

Bracha V'Hatzlacha

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