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Yanush doesn't talk much. No one knows much about him. He's a Holocaust survivor and he speaks Yiddish with a Polish accent, and he's one of the needy people who hangs around the back alleys of downtown Jerusalem living off of scraps that he gleans from the back doors of restaurants. Nobody knows where Yanush lives or if he has a place to live at all. People look at him with condescending tolerance, for after all, Yanush is a part of the local scenery. But people forget - Yanush is human, and a Jewish soul. Sure, he hasn't bathed in a while and he's not the type of guest that a family would relish having at their Passover Seder. So what is he supposed to do? Have Seder in the gutter? Or in the foyer of some dilapidated building slated for demolition?

You'd be surprised that are a lot of "Yanushes" in Jerusalem. They live in places where you wouldn't allow your poodle to sleep in. They barely have bread and water, and they can't afford heat in the winter. Seder Pesach? To them, it's a dream. Matzot and wine? Are you kidding?

At the beginning of our Seder, we say kol dichfin - "Whoever is hungry, let him come and eat; whoever is in need of a Passover Seder, let him come and celebrate with us." Do you really mean that? It's no joke. Who has the gall to lie to Hashem on Passover Night at the Seder Table?

Is your home open to the Yanushes of the world? I know - there are no Yanushes in Silver Spring, Golders Green, Southfield or Bal Harbor. But there are plenty of them in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Shalom Arush, his dedicated wife Rebbetzen Miriam Arush and the Chut Shel Chesed Yeshiva and Institutions feed poor people all year long. But especially on Passover, they make sure that they'll have everything they need for not only for Seder Night but for all of Passover. Rav Shalom cares so much about the dignity of every Jew that he even buys shoes for the destitute. And, he does all this without a cent of government support. You can't imagine how much this costs. 

Rabbi Shalom invites you to be his partner in the Kimcha D'Piskha, or "Flour for Pesach" fund. By your sponsoring at least one needy person, you'll be able to say kol dichfin with truth and dignity, for your sponsorship is just like having a "Yanush" at your Seder table, or better yet, as your guest for all of Passover.

Hashem has compassion on those who have compassion for others. You can't imagine the importance and magnitude of feeding the poor on Passover. Don't miss this opportunity - please make your generous donation online here, or call 972-2-532-3339.


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I beg your forgiveness and your ravs for the 2 letters I sent you last week , I never chasfer shalom spoke ill of you in public , was going through battles with my own amalak ie my own yetzer harah inside , and blaming you . ie if your having battles with amalak your own yetzer harah the next thing on the road to amalak is rechilus and lashon harah . Yoav Boston exile

Rachel Z R

Why are there so many Yanushes in Jerusalem? What and how does the government help these people? How do the people in Israel take responsibility for their neighbors?

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