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Dachau Cremation Ovens
Above image, cremation ovens in Dachau Concentration Camp, near Munich in southern Germany - Image courtesy SFC/ Shutterstock.com

In "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare, Juliet says: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Tonight and tomorrow is Holocaust Remembrance Day. If it were up to me, I'd remove the "remembrance" part and simply call it "Holocaust Day". Why? The Holocaust still lurks all around the world. It's ugly and deadly seeds are germinating and sprouting in the fertile growth medium of growing antisemitism.

To paraphrase Juliet, "What's in a name? that which we call a Nazi by any other name would smell as foul."

Here's what I mean:

Today's USA: The Ku Klux Klan, Skinheads and Neo Nazis

Today's Ukraine: Svoboda

Today's Italy: Casa Pound

Today's France: Front Nationale

Today's Greece: Golden Dawn

Today's Hungary: Jobbik Party

Every other country in Europe has growist Fascist and neo-Nazi movement, some already violent, like the one in Poland.

Now, let's add the growing global Jihadi groups, many hiding behind the back of so-called "moderate Islam", in Scandinavia, the UK, Germany, France and the USA.

How many times have the Iranians, Hizbulla, Hamaz and Islamic Jihad declared their intent to destroy Israel? Don't be foolish enough to think that they're only talking about Zionists; that's merely a polite term for Jew. An Al-Qaida bomb in New York City or a Hizbulla booby trap in Buenos Aires is not intended for Zionists - the target is Jews.

There's a concept in the Jewish Laws of Purity: Immersion in the mikva doesn't help someone who is holding a dead mouse in his or her hand.

Why cry about Holocaust Day while perpetuating the Diaspora and being the victim of another potential Holocaust? Why aren't people readingthe global anti-Semitic writing on the wall? Can't they realize that Hashem is telling everyone that it's time to come home?

Do you really want to do something about the Holocaust? Do you really want to prevent another Holocaust, G-d forbid?  Rabbi Yehoshua Fass of Nefesh B'Nefesh is a dear friend of mine. Write him an email right now (tell him that Lazer sent you) and tell him that you're interested in getting the ball of your aliya rolling. He'll tell you what to do. 

The greatest memorial for the 6,000,000 Jews who died in the Holocaust is a strong, truly Jewish homeland. Cherished brothers and sisters, help us build it. Come home now; we're waiting for you with open arms.


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Rav Brody, it seems as only the wealthy are welcome to make Aliyah. Can this be changed? My only survival technique to cope with life post-Aliyah as a single mother of 6 is a tonne of Emunah, and yes, day by day Hashem helps me and my children survive. I still need to grow a lot more emunah muscle, I still have a long way to go, but I am so relieved to be safe inside Israel. But I know a lot of people are even turned away by NBN and especially the Jewish Agency makes it very difficult for people to make Aliyah if their opinion is that their financial situation is not adequate. Do only the rich deserve to make Aliyah? So many of my friends and family feel stuck and unable to make Aliyah due to finances. They don't want to arrive here and become a burden on the state like I have been. What can be done to help poorer Jews make Aliyah before it becomes an emergency?


Rivkah, write Rabbi Fass! He won't let someone lower down in the hierarchy reject someone because of income. There are cheap places to live in Israel with great quality of life, such as Yerucham, Ofakim, and Maalot, only to name a few. Don't let finances scare you.

dvorah gerson

Only if you want to participate in their financial incentive packages, otherwise they don't examine your finances. I made aliyah with $250--that's it, plus the shekels they give you at the airport when you arrive. It doesn't take money to make aliyah, not even with NBN (I made aliyah with NBN in 2008), just emunah and deep love for Eretz HaKodesh. So tell your friends to start packing (and only pack the essentials).

gavriel hertz

not only jews were killed!

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