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Donetsk: Nuremburg Laws with a Russian Accent

Donetsk. This is a name that could end up being Nuremburg revisited.

Suppose you're watching a boxing match between a rapist and a murderer. Who do you cheer for? I would cheer for both, hoping that they'd knock each other out simultaneously...

One cannot walk a single meter in the Ukraine without stepping on ground that's soaked with Jewish blood. A third of our people lost there lives in the uprisings of 1648-49, the Cossack rebellion of 1768 and intermittent pogroms that continued until the Soviet Revolution.

Hitler could not have accomplished what he did without the cooperation of the vehemently anti-Semitic Ukraine population.

So, don't shed a tear for the Ukraine, which is on the verge of a civil war. Before Moshiach comes, Hashem is systematically giving each nation what it deserves.

As for the Russians, maybe they didn't kill Jewish bodies like Hitler and the Ukrainian Cossacks did, but they killed millions of Jewish souls, waging their seventy-year war against Torah and Judaism while the Communists were in power from 1921-1991. Don't think the Russian on the street loves Jews any more than the Communists did.

The Russian nationalists who have taken over the Donetsk region in the Eastern Ukraine yesterday disturbed the sanctity of Pesach prayers in the local synagogue to pass an official leaflet demanding Donetsk Jews to register, declare their property, or be deported. This is something that the civilized world should not tolerate for a moment, yet it's no surprise. We now see the pro-Russian militias - none other than KGB operatives - in all their disgusting ugliness. The Russians and the Ukraines deserve each other.

We pray for the welfare of our Jewish brethren in Donetsk. I for one call them to make Aliya immediately and not wait until they're herded into a ghetto.

Historically, whenever there was war between Poland, the Ukraine and Russia, the Jews were caught in the middle and killed by both sides.

Gunte, the Cossack who murdered Uman's 33,000 Jewish martyrs in 1768, is celebrated as a Ukrainian national hero.

The Jews of the Ukraine should leave en masse and come to Israel immediately. Donetsk is only the beginning. Brothers and sisters, it's time to come home and be free. Time is running out. Don't stay in your 21st Century version of Egypt. No wonder this is happening during Pesach. We're waiting for you with open arms.


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Dear Reb Lazer:

Within the last three or four years you wrote a post about seven additional days of Pesach on the heels of the Pesach that we know so well for a total of 14 days of Pesach. Could you post a link to that post? I believe that this is the Nisan of the Final Geulah, and by the 7th day/ Isru Chag of Pesach we will understand how. It is related to what is going on in the Ukraine right now.

D. Roberts, USA

Thanks for this, Rabbi - it's good to have your emuna look at the world. I don't even know if the American media wrote about this.

Leah Chantzi

Wow! Register or be deported?! Make aliyah! Please Hashem bring Moshiach now!


Dear Dov,
Moadim L'Simcha! G-d willing, I'll repost this very soon. Meanwhile, I'm clarifying and verifying the info with a leading scholar and tzaddik.


thank you Lazer, maybe we must leave before mashiach ?

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