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Thursday, 17 April 2014


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Dear Reb Lazer:

Within the last three or four years you wrote a post about seven additional days of Pesach on the heels of the Pesach that we know so well for a total of 14 days of Pesach. Could you post a link to that post? I believe that this is the Nisan of the Final Geulah, and by the 7th day/ Isru Chag of Pesach we will understand how. It is related to what is going on in the Ukraine right now.

D. Roberts, USA

Thanks for this, Rabbi - it's good to have your emuna look at the world. I don't even know if the American media wrote about this.

Leah Chantzi

Wow! Register or be deported?! Make aliyah! Please Hashem bring Moshiach now!


Dear Dov,
Moadim L'Simcha! G-d willing, I'll repost this very soon. Meanwhile, I'm clarifying and verifying the info with a leading scholar and tzaddik.


thank you Lazer, maybe we must leave before mashiach ?

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