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Wednesday, 09 April 2014


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Thank you for this lesson. I have struggle with this so much, and it ruins my life. Thank you for explaining the root of this problem.


K'vod HaRav,
Baruch HaShem, I love my life - really, I am so happy with where I am and where HaShem seems to be taking me into the future and I am ecstatic with thanks! However, I still have an issue getting out of bed in the morning. I work very hard to do what I do fast and well, and so I have even put my trust in HaShem that this challenge is what I need right now, but it seems to be at the bottom of my priority list of things to overcome. I love waking up early, but it is so rare, I have essentially resigned myself - at least for the time being - to being a late riser (and late to sleep too - certainly also part of the problem). Any suggestions?

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