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Riches on the Beach

Pesach 5774

On Seder Night, there are two types of riches on the table – the material riches of the silver and the opulence, and the spiritual riches of the many mitzvoth such as telling our children the story of our exodus from Egypt. This is a wonderful annual opportunity to show them the juxtaposition of the two types of riches and to explain to them the difference between the temporary nature of the material wealth and the timeless nature of the spiritual wealth. Read all about it in Riches on the Beach, my feature article in this week's Passover issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

Moshe was all set for Seder night, when his father suddenly suffered a stroke. Rav Shalom tells us about the surprises Moshe and his family encountered when they made Seder Night in the Hospital.

Rav Nissan Dovid Kivak , in his eye-opening Pesach message, says that we should all be Flossing Our Brain in order to be truly happy, especially on Passover.

Confused about the details of the Seder? Don't worry! Just follow Breslev Israel's Seder Overview.

Did you know that Seder night is G-d's Favorite Night?

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Have a wonderful week and a joyous and kosher Passover!


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