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Thursday, 10 April 2014


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Ashdod under Rocket Attack as another 'Ceasefire’ Broken (INN)

These wicked rocket attacks must be stopped. There is a way to get on top of this dynamic. Jerusalem must be the apex, centre and fulcrum of an overarching command and control structure for Israel, Gaza, the West Bank/Judea and Samaria, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The correct sefirotic qualities must be utilised to manage, mitigate and ultimately end the acts of evil. Trust building is the key. The old excuse that there is no-one to talk to will not hold water any more. A powerful presence is required to redeem, i.e. counter-balance, absorb and ultimately transform the evil into something more manageable. Evil thrives on chaos and disorder. However even evil needs a playground to operate in. It needs to push up against something. If it finds that itself pushing up against a presence with a divine mandate it loses its power and ends up slinking away to the corner.

Analysis: Obama vs. Ryan the Four Trillion Dollar Question (INN)

May 16th is the date projected by Treasury Department when the United States debt ceiling of $14.294 trillion debt ceiling is hit. The universe is stable, ordered, benevolent and expansive. There are abundant resources out there to be utilised on G-d's good earth. But if a nation spends like a drunken sailor at a bar they are liable to end up with a fatal hangover. The future generations of Americans must not be mortgaged to the hilt before they are even born. There must be a major re-organisation of the world’s financial system. A team of economic advisors must be assembled to manage this process. The people will respond to some form of regulation and oversight. We know deep down that we are all in the same boat. The group entrusted with this task of financial negotiation must be of an exemplary character who are motivated by public service. A Solon of Athens and his team are required.

Iran Claims it Has Advanced Centrifuges in Operation (INN)

To repeat...

There are various calenders; i.e. Christian Gregorian, 16th April, 2010; Jewish 12 Nisan, 5771; Muslim Rabiul Awwal 15, 1432; Iran Nuclear Fuel Enrichment hits critical red line; etc. etc. What happens in the next thirty days is crucial. If the correct moves are made on the cube, peace will unfold. There is a mathematics to the Redemption. The various streams of consciousness and time are meeting. Napoleon said that "Strategy is the art of using time and space well !" I think G-d is the ultimate strategist. I try and be aware of his divine calendar. More people should attempt this perspective. G-d is all potential. Time and space are just part of his manifestations. The Iran/Israel dynamic has been building for years now. Trust building is worth more than gold, uranium or any other commodity.

New at Kotel for Pesach: Mobility Scooter (INN)

It is heart-warming to know that in a world of much chaos, violence and disorder a tiny part of a very ancient city is seeing a gathering of people devoted to service of G-d and spiritual uplift. That mobility options are increased there is a good thing. In future decades many accidents, illnesses and ailments will not exist and the need for such scooters will be nil. People will walk and some will call it a miracle. BTW, a miracle is just a potentiality of G-d that ends up manifesting down here on terra firma. The present and future can be full of miracles if we so desire. G-d is the Art Supplies Shop Proprietor. He gives us the tools to paint a miracle.

Happy Pesach !

Adam Neira
World Peace 2050

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