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Last night, we heard a tremendous thunder-type rumbling for about 60 seconds here in Ashdod.  It sounded like either a squadron of B52's or a rocket taking off from Cape Canaveral. This morning, we found at that it was a rocket, launched from Palmachim AF Base, halfway between Ashdod and Tel Aviv. This morning, the politicians and the Israeli Defense establishment are boasting that they succeeded in launching Ofek-10, the newest Israeli spy satellite. Yet, without teshuva and emuna, it won't help much...

There's a iron-clad law in spirituality: If someone thinks he can manage without Hashem's help, Hashem says, "go ahead and try." That's bad news.

The greatest benefit of emuna is that the more you truly believe in Hashem, the more you benefit from Divine assistance and blessings.

How did Abraham and a mere 318 soldiers defeat Nimrod and the Superpower Alliance of Evil?

All through Torah, The People of Israel fight their battles as underdogs. That's exactly the way Hashem wanted things. In the war against the five Midianite kings under the spiritual guidance of Bilaam - who was just as wicked as Moses was holy - Moses mobilized a mere 12,000 troops - no more. He wanted the army to realize that Hashem gives victories, not military might (see Numbers, chapter 32). In other words, Moses put the army in a position where they'd have to turn to Hashem to win. He knew that dependence on Hashem guarantees victories.

A main theme of Passover is, "Hashem shall fight in your behalf, and you shall remain silent" (Exodus 14:14). We certainly can't take credit for defeating Pharaoh and the Egyptians, the superpower of 3323 years ago when our people left Egypt.

Goliath was a mighty giant; little pre-Bar-Mitzva boy David slew him with a slingshot.

Only a fool can say that Israel's military might won wars. In 1948, we didn't defeat the formidable Arab armies with sophisticated weaponry; Hashem delivered our enemies into the hands of holocaust survivors from Europe, gentle merchants from Morocco, and Torah scholars from Yemen, with a few kibbutzniks in khaki shorts and sandals commanding.

At the other end of the scale, in the first Lebanon War in 1982, an entire Israeli armored column that was heading north in Eastern Lebanon was thwarted by terrorist teenagers with RPGs (shouldered Russian rocket-propelled antitank grenade launchers). The column retreated south, and 2 Israeli warplanes thought that the column was a Syrian tank regiment, strafing them and leaving 46 dead from friendly fire. 

We believe the words of our sages (Gemara, tractate Sota 49b), "There is no one to depend on other than our Father in Heaven." This is the eternal truth; sure, we make our best efforts, but we depend on Hashem. The Torah (see Deuteronomy, Chapter 8) warns sternly against forgetting Hashem and thinking that you live by "the might of my hand."

Every time a politician in Israel declares that our military might is what sustains us, he forces Hashem to prove how sorely mistaken he is, and all of Israel pays the price.

Before the Second Lebanon War in 2006, the Israeli Defense Minister and Chief of Staff both exuded enough hot air to send a Zeppelin in orbit when they declared how fast they'd finish off the Hizbulla. Nasrulla laughed in their faces every time another missile landed in Israel's northern population centers. Note that a mere 2,000 Hizbulla guerillas wreaked havoc on Israel's entire north. After the conflict, the Winograd commission showed how miserably we perform without Hashem's help.

Back then in 2006, Israel trusted its Merkava IV state-of-the-art tanks. Israeli intelligence was totally unaware of the Russian-made and laser-guided Kornet antitank missiles that made their way into Hizbulla's hands having quietly been smuggled to Lebanon from Syria and Iran. These Kornets totally demolished 6 Merkava tanks and neutralized another 30! With a maximum range of 3.4 miles, they are deadly accurate within 2 miles and are capable of penetrating concrete walls a foot thick within a range of 1.3 miles. This is the missile that hit the school bus last week near Kibbutz Saad from over 2 miles away in Gaza and left 16-year Daniel Viflic from Beit Shemesh fighting for his life, may Hashem heal him, amen.

Israel now boasts the Windbreaker vehicle-defense system which is capable of destroying incoming Kornet missiles. The problem is that only IDF tanks are being outfitted with the $1Million/each system, and not school busses.

One can neither outsmart Hashem nor run away from Him.

Weapons development is no substitute for emuna and teshuva. The enemy always comes along and builds a stronger weapon. One who relies on strength always ultimately encounters a stronger opponent. Ask veteran world-champion boxers; few - if any - retire as winners.

Declaring our dependance on military might only hastens another round of hostilities. Let's set the record straight - we have no one to depend on other than Hashem. 


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Ashdod under Rocket Attack as another 'Ceasefire’ Broken (INN)

These wicked rocket attacks must be stopped. There is a way to get on top of this dynamic. Jerusalem must be the apex, centre and fulcrum of an overarching command and control structure for Israel, Gaza, the West Bank/Judea and Samaria, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The correct sefirotic qualities must be utilised to manage, mitigate and ultimately end the acts of evil. Trust building is the key. The old excuse that there is no-one to talk to will not hold water any more. A powerful presence is required to redeem, i.e. counter-balance, absorb and ultimately transform the evil into something more manageable. Evil thrives on chaos and disorder. However even evil needs a playground to operate in. It needs to push up against something. If it finds that itself pushing up against a presence with a divine mandate it loses its power and ends up slinking away to the corner.

Analysis: Obama vs. Ryan the Four Trillion Dollar Question (INN)

May 16th is the date projected by Treasury Department when the United States debt ceiling of $14.294 trillion debt ceiling is hit. The universe is stable, ordered, benevolent and expansive. There are abundant resources out there to be utilised on G-d's good earth. But if a nation spends like a drunken sailor at a bar they are liable to end up with a fatal hangover. The future generations of Americans must not be mortgaged to the hilt before they are even born. There must be a major re-organisation of the world’s financial system. A team of economic advisors must be assembled to manage this process. The people will respond to some form of regulation and oversight. We know deep down that we are all in the same boat. The group entrusted with this task of financial negotiation must be of an exemplary character who are motivated by public service. A Solon of Athens and his team are required.

Iran Claims it Has Advanced Centrifuges in Operation (INN)

To repeat...

There are various calenders; i.e. Christian Gregorian, 16th April, 2010; Jewish 12 Nisan, 5771; Muslim Rabiul Awwal 15, 1432; Iran Nuclear Fuel Enrichment hits critical red line; etc. etc. What happens in the next thirty days is crucial. If the correct moves are made on the cube, peace will unfold. There is a mathematics to the Redemption. The various streams of consciousness and time are meeting. Napoleon said that "Strategy is the art of using time and space well !" I think G-d is the ultimate strategist. I try and be aware of his divine calendar. More people should attempt this perspective. G-d is all potential. Time and space are just part of his manifestations. The Iran/Israel dynamic has been building for years now. Trust building is worth more than gold, uranium or any other commodity.

New at Kotel for Pesach: Mobility Scooter (INN)

It is heart-warming to know that in a world of much chaos, violence and disorder a tiny part of a very ancient city is seeing a gathering of people devoted to service of G-d and spiritual uplift. That mobility options are increased there is a good thing. In future decades many accidents, illnesses and ailments will not exist and the need for such scooters will be nil. People will walk and some will call it a miracle. BTW, a miracle is just a potentiality of G-d that ends up manifesting down here on terra firma. The present and future can be full of miracles if we so desire. G-d is the Art Supplies Shop Proprietor. He gives us the tools to paint a miracle.

Happy Pesach !

Adam Neira
World Peace 2050

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