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Svoboda: Another State Department Bad Bet

Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok

Above image: Ukraine Svoboda/neo-Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok

The Israeli media reports that the USA is really pieved about Israel's failure to condemn Russia about the Crimean annexation and recent tension in Eastern Ukraine.

I'm sharply critical about our current government in Israel for a long list of reasons, but they did do one thing right: they didn't vote in favor of the USA's condemnation of Russia in the UN.

The facts on the ground are that, according to the highly authoratative Global Research Center, the USA has spent over $5 billion to install an extreme right-wing government in the Ukraine, while giving support and legitimacy to the neo-Nazi Svoboda Party. This is not hearsay, for the facts have been confirmed by US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

Don't shed a tear for the Ukraine. Antisemitism there is getting worse by the minute. In recent days alone, the grave of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's brother has been desecrated and a synagogue firebombed. Try Googling "Ukraine Antisemitism", and see how many millions of results you get in less than a quarter of a second. What's so disgusting is that the current forces behind the perpetrators of hate crimes against the Ukrainian Jews is the United States State Department. This is the same State Department that supported the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt and supports Al Qaida in Syria. How do you like where your tax dollars are going, America?

Yet, we look at everything in the world through eyes of emuna. Like everything else in the world, the chaos in the Ukraine is also from Hashem. How much more must Hashem shout at our brethern in the Jew-hating Ukraine to leave there right away? Why a Ukrainian Jew remains for another 5 minutes in the Ukraine is beyond my comprehension. It's time to get out of there and to come home to the only true home a Jew has on earth - the Land of Israel.


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Lazer please contact el al to send 100 emergency flites from ukraine to tel avive aborting all other of el als worlwide activities for the next 2 weeks . This is sakana gedola !! If one doesnt who will? Avot The rewards of this mitzvah is great . yoav




I read all your blogs Rabbi, and towards the end of each article you say for the Jews to come back home to Israel, but it's so difficult to live in Israel. At the end of the day, we do not have the emunah like big tzadikim. We somewhat struggle in America (which is easier to live than Israel).


It is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY easier and cheaper to live in Israel. Just don't move to "Little America". Come up North, where life is simple. Leave your gashmius and preconceptions behind. I am living on less than half of what I needed in the US, and have a life that is immeasurably richer.

The problem is affording to make the move. With everyone in the US in major debt, jobs disappearing, and helping funds becoming more hard to come by, the doors are almost closed for US Jews.

Likewise, the real problem for Ukrainian Jews, who are even poorer, is how to fund a move. Any suggestions Rabbi?


The current administration of the US is antisemitic and slowly destroying our country. How any Jew voted for Obama is beyond my comprehension. I pray that we will be able to reverse much of the damage that has been done when this administration is gone.


Call yourself a freedom fighter and Obama will support you.

Rachav Davida

Amein! All Jews world wide need to come home!

Yoel B

I have no brief for Ukraine, but you may be falling for Putin's disinformation. In any case, the "highly authoratative" Global Research Centre is a hard left anti-Israel and even antisemitic site.

Here's from a "research associate" there. Yes, you read it right: Hamas is the victim:

"Israel is a serial aggressor. Its lawlessness can no longer be tolerated. Mass outrage and world pressure must build for a global campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions until its human rights abuses stop, its war crimes are punished, its occupation and colonization end, Palestinian refugees have the right to return, and the people of Gaza and the West Bank achieve their long-denied self-determination rights in an internationally recognized sovereign state, free from Israeli oppression. For people of conscience, that’s Resolution One for the new year."


And from a few years back: B'nai Brith Canada "singles out a discussion forum, moderated by Chossudovsky [the founder and principal of Global Research,] that contains messages with such titles as 'Jewish Lies of Omission (about the 'Holocaust')', 'Jewish Hate Responsible For Largest Mass Killing at Dachau,' and 'Did Jews Frame the Arabs for 9/11?' None of the postings are written by Chossudovsky himself."

Shua Cohen

I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. Rabbi Lazar, you correctly draw attention to the rabid antisemitism that has reared its ugly head in Ukraine, and correctly urge the remaining Jews to leave that vile country. YET...you fully support the incomprehensible Jewish pilgrimage to Uman each year, which pumps hundreds of thousands of dollars, shekels, euros (etc.) into the pockets of people who hate us. I am one of those who believe that there is absolutely NO halachic or hashkafic justification for this annual trek to Uman (especially by those who make a yerida by leaving the Eretz HaKodesh to a land of tumah), and the current situation makes the case for ending this pilgrimage even stronger. You can't have it both ways. Only when you decide to support an end to the Uman extravaganza which brings thousands of Jews flowing INTO Ukraine, will you have any credibility in your call for the Jews to get the heck OUT.

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