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Understanding our Soul Correction and Reincarnation

Freeing Slave Mentality

Here're some important facts to ponder while preparing for Passover: King Solomon really hit it on the nail when he said that there's nothing new under the sun.

One can't understand his or her future if they don't understand their past. Sure, we're launching satellites and transplanting organs, but since we don't understand who we are and what we're doing on earth, we still have slave mentalities, as if we were still building the pyramids in the hot sun of the Egyptian desert.

I'll prove it to you, easily.

Rav Shalom Arush told me in the name of the Ariza'l that our generation is a reincarnation of the generation that left Egypt and wandered in the desert for 4o years, what's known in Hebrew as dor hamidbar. Look at the similarities:

1.  They followed the advice of the Erev Rav, the false self-destructing anti-emuna Jews, instead of the true spiritual leader. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of Jews today are making the same mistake

2. They pursued wealth and physical amenities instead of a faith-oriented lifestyle - they had their Golden Calf, and people today have plenty of them too, still worshipping money instead of Hashem

3. They cried and complained constantly, not realizing that Hashem was doing everything for their ultimate welfare. Sound familiar?

4. Despite the fact they were the sons of royalty, they maintained a slave mentality, thinking that the Egyptians were superior to them. How many today forsake emuna and tradition to be more "American" of "British"?

It doesn't matter what our particular vocation or career path is. We all must correct the above 4 points. If we do so on our own accord, we'll save ourselves a load of headaches. Emuna is the key to correcting all of the above four at once. The more we learn and spread emuna, the more we'll spare the world of the wars and natural disasters that our sages predicted for the generation that precedes Moshiach.

With emuna, we discard the slave mentality. May we all succeed in doing so soon, amen!


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Leah Chantzi

Guess what I am reading at our Pesach seder this year, Rabbi Brody. So timely and concise! Again, thank you.


Ok, so the book 'Garden of Gratitude' is the perfect remedy.

1) The Garden of Gratitude ties us to the true spiritual leader. If anyone has questions on the tools given in HaRav's books- just try implementing what's written - no one can argue with proven results! Thankfully the true spiritual leader is very patient and is concealing himself. Go real Moshe!
PG. 362 of Gan Gratitude

2) When we pursue the path of emuna and gratitude for every blessing, spiritual, physical, health and wealth (or lack of wealth) and know it's all from Hashem, AND use all these gifts to serve Hashem and help our fellow Jewish people, then we're unified. The Chofetz Chaim writes about a pact the Jews made, from the greatest to the 'least' to help one another no matter what, and this moved Hashem to bring the redemption. Many Jewish people simply do not know how to use money in a Jewish way, specifically for Hafatsa, and way more importantly many Jewish people don't know what it feels like to have the neshama glow. But we're all sweet people.

3) Gratitude revokes complaining. With emuna we learn everything is for our very best. And when we read Gan Gratitude we understand how the endless gifts to be grateful for! And we can really ask Hashem for gratitude, we can actually feel it! And we can ask Hashem to help us understand on our level in hisbodedut and most importantly implement the books! Hashem lvoes us!

4) By thanking Hashem our souls glow and once we feel our souls there is no way to quit wanting to be close to Hashem and cater to imaginary lies and nonsense that contemporary society and yetzer hara are replete with.

Yet, i'd like to point out one critical difference in the analogy. The Jewish people in Egypt heard Moshe and spoke with him, as they stood in line to seek advice. Today not every Jew has the garden books and have not looked into the eyes of the true leader and heard him say Hashem loves you. So, I'm not convinced we can all held accountable until the books are distributed and read with our true spiritual guides? We are a klal and that when one Jew does not have the books of HaRav, maybe we all suffer on some level (my guess is we suffer a lot).

Also, The Erev Rav influence is much more subversive today, but it still preys on the innocence and trust of innocent and trusting Jews, who if they knew about Emuna - the souls would glow and that same simple innocence and trust would go right to Hashem! And let's remember, there are commentators in Chumash who clearly state that the incident of the golden calf was not the fault of the Jews.

Another good things is if Hashem was satisfied with the result of the first exodus there would be no need for a strengthened second effort!
The great thing is, since we're that same generation, Hashem will bring us all to pass! We just need the books of HaRav and to look into our eyes and tell us hashem loves us. It's all Hashem, so that's comforting. I think even if Erev Rav knew Hashem lvoed them, they'd be in yeshiva too, maybe? Ya'akov and Yosef must of had a good reason by converting them -something we could not see. That statement could very well be sheker- don't know. And hopefully egypt learns Universal garden of Emuna. A Geulah Rachamim b'simcha.

P.s. can i be Nachshon?!


I mean, the Jewish people in the desert stood in line to speak with Moshe. Not in Egypt.


Also, most Jewish people have not yet heard the message that Hashem lvoes them. And many, many Jews have never even heard the word neshama. But hopefully we'll all be together in Israel in a miraculous fashion and we'll all learn emuna with our true spiritual guides.

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