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My new name
Many people aren't happy with the name that their parents give them, for all sorts of reasons. The bottom line is that it's their life, and they want to do what makes them happy. Mom might have loved the name of Beatrice and maybe Dad thought that Seymour was a distinguished name, but why should their kids be stuck with a name that makes them miserable? Shouldn't they be allowed the free choice of changing their own name? What are the ramifications of a name change?
The Torah certainly allows one to change his or her name. Indeed, our sages point out that a change of name invokes a change of good fortune.

What must we take into consideration when thinking about a name change? See for yourself in my feature article Your New Name in this week's highly stimulating issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

Also, check out my commentary on this week's Torah portion, Emor. The Torah asks how we look at ourselves: Jew or Jewish?

Today, Monday, April 28, is Holocaust Day. You can read about what happened to my mother, may Hashem bless her, in The Pin Cushion.

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Have a wonderful week with bright Beams blessings!



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