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Chicken feet
Today's generation asks what in the world you do with chicken feet? That's Jewish soul food; in the old days, our people were so poor that they utilized every last ounce of a chicken, including its feet. That brings me to the subject of Pcha.

In case you don't know what pcha is, it's the Ukrainian-Yiddish word for jellied chicken feet, a traditional Ashkenazi-Jewish delicacy that evokes extreme reactions – it makes the eyes of Chassidim roll in delight, or it makes the faces of many others turn green in revulsion. My father, may he rest in peace, was a Ukrainian Jew. His idea of heaven on earth was a plateful of pcha, a chunk of Pumpernickel and a glass of Smirnoff. I'm sure that my Pop has since discovered better things in the upper realm, but that's a different story…
Anyway, be forewarned. Pcha is known in Israeli Yiddish as galler and in Hebrew as regel krusha. If you happen to frequent a Jewish soul-food restaurant in Israel, you'll know what (not) to order. And in case you're curious, I make a knock-your-socks-off pcha, loaded with garlic...
You must understand one vital technical fact in order to appreciate the story I'm about to tell you: pcha is a highly perishable gel that must be refrigerated. At warm temperatures, it reverts to a soupy and sticky liquid.
Now that you're an expert on gelled chicken feet, here's a true story you'll never forget about the previous Tollner Rebbe from Bayit V'gan in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yochanan Twersky of saintly and blessed memory, told to me by a close friend who witnessed it first-hand...

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Ezra Levy

A "deliciously" beautiful story that I shall (hopefully) never forget ...
Thank You

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