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Wednesday, 14 May 2014


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I also had major concerns about supporting my family after aliyah. I had to build my amunah and trust in Hashem. Every day that I am here in the Holy Land I see what Hashem does for me and my family. Don't get me wrong it's hard but it's 100% worth it. Making aliyah has been the best move of my life. People told me that it will be hard to find work but myself and my wife are both found work in the first year that we are here. Hashem gives us the strength to pursue what we need. Our children have acclimated to their new schools and have many new friends. We are all in ulpan and continuing to learn the holy language. We love it here.

Meir Zev Mark

Dear Reb Lazer:

As far as the positive reasons for these people to make aliyah you're spot on. But to make it work there are several caveats that have to seriously taken into account.

Those who you referred to as living on a shoe string are either Israelis or others who live like poor Israelis. For those who have a need to live even somewhat like Americans the cost is much higher.

I also think that some of your numbers are out of date. The prices in Yerukam and Ofakim are closer to double what you stated. And there is the question of chinuch which unfortunately traps American Bnei Torah in a handful of high priced areas. I don't know who these people are but if he's learning in kollel in Far Rockaway and sending his children to the fine yeshivas that we have here, there's no chance that they would ever settle in Yerucham even if they could afford it because there's no chinuch there that they will be happy with.

And from what hat did you pull out free education? My children in Eretz Yisroel pay a lot of skar limud. Yes, it's less`than in America but it is by no means free.

For my part I am hoping to make aliyah as soon as possible, but when and if I do it will be with the words that the Gaon, Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky z"l once said to me ringing in my ears.

In 1978,when I went to Eretz Yisroel for the first time with the intention to stay, I went to Reb Yaakov to ask him a shayla. As soon as he understood that I was planning to make aliyah he asked me if I had parnossa. I answered in the affirmative that I will have a reliable source of income there, and replied (in Yiddish) "Good, then you can go. Otherwise you can't, because they have enough Tehillim zoggers there and they don't need you."

These are the words of a Gadol of the previous generation who people specifically went to for advice.

With that said, I think before anyone can advise someone as to the practicality of making aliyah, one has to first ask a question of the prospective Oleh:

How little are you willing to live on?

If one answers "very little" with the full knowledge of what "very little" constitutes then he has probably met Reb Yaakov's threshold and with Siata D'Shmaya will make it according to your Emunna cheshbon.

As I was leaving Eretz Yisroel in 1981 to return to the U.S. an Israeli gave me the best advice (unfortunately too late) I ever heard in relation to aliyah.

He said: "If you want to make it here forget you ever came from America."

Lori, The Netherlands

I applaud you Rabbi Lazer Brody for this post. Many are still sleeping or hoping things will change. Income will not matter when your familys life is in danger. Antisemetism is rising worldwide. Some wait till it is too late to get out of "Egypt". They have become accustomed to "lifestyle". There were those who stayed back in Egypt.

We are working frantically to get out.

Lori, The Netherlands

I just read today that an Anne Frank theater poster was vandalized and another man was beaten up in the Netherlands for wearing a Star David neckkace.

So much for tolerance....


B"H Thank you for this timely post. You always seem to know exactly what my heart needs, and when it needs it. (Hashem speaking through you, of course.) We are making Aliyah this summer to Nahariya, and the mountain of paperwork needed for immigration is staring at me like an impassible wall. I will climb it and get to the other side!

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