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Thursday, 29 May 2014


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Yakov Butterfield

Have Some Vitamin E

29 May 2014
VITAMIN E June 2014 Canada and USA
Emuna for a Heathy Body, Mind & Soul
Join Rabbi Lazer Bordy and Rabbi Dr. Zev Ballen for Breslev Israel's North American 2014 summer Tour, June 8th -24th
Toronto:Sunday, June 8th
"Hashem Rofecha: Holistic Healing Using Torah As your Guide"
Chabad Flamingo
8001 Bathurst Street, Thornhill (just South of Hwy 7)
8 PM
For More information, or to arrange private/family consult with Rabbi Brody, call 416-827-7666 /
Monday, June 9th
Private Event
416-827-7666 / For More information

Washington DC:Tuesday, June 10th
"Communication in Relationships"
Ohev Sholom
The National synagogue
1600 Jonquil Street, NW Washingtion, DC 20012
More information, 202-882-7225,,

Baltimore:Wednesday, June 11th
"Gratitude: The Key to Life's Blessings"
Moses Montefore Anshe Emunah @ 7000 Rochland Hills Drive, Baltimore MD
8:45 PM
More information 1-410-653-shul or

Seattle: Shabbat Shelach, June 13th - 14th,
contact for more information
Sunday Morning, June 15th
Special Lecture and Breakfast
"Gratitude: The key to Life's Blessings:
Shacharis - 8:00 AM, Breakfst followed by lecture - 9:00 AM
The Seattle Kollel
5305 52thnd Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98118
For More information call 208-722-8289 or email: info@seattlekollel.corg

Phoenix: Monday, June 16th
Jewish Community Center
7 PM
12701 N. Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Event, Ticket & Sponsership info:
Or contact: Valerie 623-703-2793 or Teresa 480-332-3093

Miami: Tuesday, June 17th
"Hashem Refecha: Holistic Healing using Torah as your Guide"
8 PM
Skylake Synagogue
1850 NE 183rd Street, North Miami Bech, FL.
More information 1-305-244-6880

Wednesday, June 18th
"Garden of Knowledge: What is the Torah is trying to tell you?
7:30 PM
Young Israel of Kendell
7880 S.W. 112 Street, Miami, FL
More information 1-35-244-6880 |

St Louis: Thursday, June 19th
"Gratitude: The Key to Life's Blessings"
7 PM
STL JCC, Staenberg Family Complex in Creve Coeur Area
2 Millstone Campus Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146
Main cross Street references: Lindbergh Blvd. and Schuetz Road, 314-432-5700

Bhabbat Korach, June 20th -21st
U.City Shul 700 North & south Road, St. Louis, MO
For More information and Meal reservations please call 314-863-7485 or email

New York: Sunday June 22nd
"Gradtitude: The Key to Life's Blessings"
8:30 PM
The airmont Shul @ 8:30 PM
41 Laura Drive, Airmont, NY
More information

Monday, June 23rd
"Hashem Rofecha: Healing using Torah as your guide"
Congregation Nachalat Zion (Men and Women)
2201 E. 23rd Street (corner of V)
brooklyn, NY 11229
$5 Admission

Tuesday, June 24th
"Hashem Rofecha: Healing using Torah as your guide"
7:30 PM
Agudath Israel of the Five Towns
508 Peninsula Blvd. Cedarhurst, NY
More information

for More information, or to schedule a private meeting with Rabbi Lazer Brody or Rabbi Dr. Zev Ballen Pleae contact us at staff@breslov.comil
VITAMIN E June 2014 Canada and USA: Emuna for a Heathy Body, Mind & Soul

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