The Smoking Husband
The "Challakeh" ceremony: Significance of a boy's 3rd birthday and first haircut

Joy for Posterity

Happiness is like a financial portfolio: you want to invest in the solid things that will guarantee you longterm gain, as opposed to speculation on shady deals that promise big immediate returns, but leave a person with nothing…

Enjoy this week's emuna lesson and have a wonderful Shabbat!


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Baruch HaShem!!!!

Rabbi Brody... Your lessons are just so inspiring to all of us who are going thru tough times... How in the world could anyone with any kind of problems, small or large, continue to stay in the dumps, so to speak, after hearing this encouragement to draw near to HaShem and Trust in Him alone... it's all about HIM...

Thank you Rabbi... you are an encourager to the world...

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