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Did you know that the Creator speaks to everyone of us every minute of the day? A raindrop that falls in our face is a message from Above.

The Creator is a loving Father - he wants us all to be close to Him. As such, the daily events and experiences of our lives are His language and personal messages to us, designed to stimulate our faith and encourage us to speak to Him. By speaking to Him, we develop a close relationship with Him. The closer one gets to G-d, the better one gets to know Him; that's our wultimate purpose on earth.

The Creator, in His limitless love for each of us, directs our lives in a manner that helps us to successfully achieve this goal. Understanding the vital fact that everything that happens in our lives is from Him and for our own ultimate good enables us to cope with all types of situations – whether good or seemingly bad – happily and without stress, worry, and anxiety.

When people deny or ignore God's personal messages, He is compelled to send "louder" messages - situations of greater difficulty. Those who fail to get to know G-d in good times risk being placed in predicaments devoid of any natural or logical solution, where the only remaining alternative is to cry out to Him. In this manner, the Creator – in His infinite loving-kindness - helps each of us reach Him and thereby get to know Him by developing our own personal relationship with Him. The more we cooperate, the more gratifying and easier our lives become.


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Not only that, but we actually become truly happy- because the soul becomes happy.

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