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The Support Troops

Support Troops
If the cooks in the kitchen aren't cooking, then the fighter pilots won't be flying. The cook therefore shares in the victory, because the pilot can't fly on an empty stomach.

Eating, drinking and sleeping are necessary functions in staying alive and healthy. Although these functions do not constitute such primary service of Hashem like learning Torah and praying, without them, one cannot serve Hashem. Therefore, when a person engages in material endeavors in order to have the power and wherewithal to learn Torah and perform Divine service, then he uplifts his or her material endeavors to the level of pure spirituality. Such a person is rewarded for eating, drinking and sleeping as if he performed a lofty mitzva. This is one of the important lessons we learn in this week's Torah, "Nosso", as you can see in my encouraging feature article The Support Troops in this week's issue of Breslev Israel magazine. 

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Blessings for a sweet new week!




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