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With Hashem's loving grace, I returned home safely to Israel after an intensive 19-day speaking tour in the USA and Canada. Many people have emailed asking why I've been so quiet about Eyal, Naftali and Gilad, the three young men who were kidnapped in Gush Etzion two weeks ago. On the road, I don't take a computer, for between lectures and meeting people, I have no time to update. 

All of Israel prays that Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel come home safely too. Here's a new ray of hope:

The IDF has just now reported that two wanted Hamas terrorists, prime suspects Marwan Kawasmeh (29) and Amar Abu-Eisha (33), disappeared the same night - June 12 - when the three young men were kidnapped. We hope and pray that Israel's security forces will track them down soon and find Eyal, Naftali and Gilad, freeing them safe and sound from captivity.

May we hear good news soon, amen.


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Sounds like we may have done something wrong. Could be that's what always happens

Chaim Garfinkel

I believe people would like to know what Rav Shalom thinks Hashem is telling us through this incident and what Hashem wants of us in the way of service to Him that would help bring about the safety and return of these 3 young men. Thank you for your devotion to Klal Yisroel.

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