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Eyes Beyond Time

Eyes Beyond Time
The more a person regards the world with a material orientation, the less he enjoys spiritual insight. Conversely, the more a person realizes the folly and futility of material endeavors, the more he seeks spirituality and gains spiritual insight. Spiritual insight enables a person to see things that others don't see at all. How? Imagine that you're standing on the top of a mountain; your field of vision is much further and wider than a person who is standing on a lower ledge or at the bottom of the mountain. By the same token, the higher a person's spiritual level, the more he or she sees. We can now understand how the average man can not at all understand the decisions and considerations of our spiritual leaders; he cannot see what they see...

Continue reading Eyes Beyond Time, my feature article in this week's stimulating issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

This week's Torah portion is Balak. Among other things, it tells about Hashem's amazing love for His chosen people; read all about it in Phenomenal Patience.

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G-d bless for a wonderful week! If you're headed for vacation, please drive safely and don't forget to say the The Traveler's Prayer (Tefilat Haderech). Hashem loves you and we do too.


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Frankly, your opening presumption
"The more a person regards the world with a material orientation, the less he enjoys spiritual insight" - I do not understand.

We come from two entirely different perspectives.

In my Chabad world, we are taught to GO INTO THE PHYSICAL WORLD and THERE transform it, by interacting with it. We thereby render that physicality into spirituality. We do not differentiate our way of life as either spiritual or physical. They are both intertwined.

Is this not the concept of Hashem's desire to transform this nether of all worlds into Hashem "house", His "דירה בתחתונים"?

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