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Like Climbing a Mountain

6 Days to the Top
Life is like climbing a mountain. We stand at the bottom and dream of being on the top. We imagine how exhilarating the view is from the peak. We can see the whole world, as if all of creation is at our fingertips. The air up there is the freshest and most invigorating on earth. Our hearts soar like an eagle.

We all dream of being at the top. There's just one slight nagging detail. How do we get there?

The answer is surprisingly simple. Read Six Days to the Top. It's a book that will fit into your purse or back pocket. It will also be your best friend that you can take anywhere.


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Lori, The Netherlands

My husband bought 2 copies of Six Days to the top, one for himself and one for me! What a wonderful gift. I just finished reading the book. It is written with so much inspiration and love. I strongly recommend it for anyone going through difficulty in life. I wish i had this book many years ago.

I will buy copies to give as gifts to friends.

Sidenote: I bought the "Garden of Peace" for my husband. It really opened his heart. Thank You!

Thank you Rabbi Lazer Brody! Our family has enormous gratitude.

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