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The Banana Man

Banana Man
Few people ever knew Yankel Bialastotzky by his real name. He was a south Tel-Aviv landmark, the vendor who sold bananas in the open market all year long. For years, he had a decent income from selling bananas. Then one day, a young man opened a banana stand right across the street from his. Yankel's world almost came to an end...

The moving story of the Banana Man has an important life-message for each one of us. You'll be happy you read it; it's in this week's edition of Breslev Israel web magazine.

The Mighty Droplet is my elaboration on this week's Torah portion, B'haalotcha. 

Shavuot is this Tuesday night and Wednesday. We celebrate receiving the Torah. Rabbi Shalom Arush tells about the importance of Torah learning in Why Torah? Rebbetzen Siegelbaum shows us the connection between Shavuot and Moshiach.

Also fetured this week:

Rabbi Dovid Charlop - Off the Grass, Kids!

Dr. Zev Ballen - The Unlikely Messenger

Racheli Reckles - The Bloody Tongue

Rivka Levy - Loving the Lowlifes

We looking forward to seeing our friends in North America, between June 8-24, 2014. Meanwhile, have a beautiful week!


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