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A Hot Afternoon in Ashdod

3:20 PM, Ashdod

The south of Israel is still under heavy rocket fire from Gaza. In the last hour, we've had four Red-Alerts here in Ashdod alone. The Iron Dome intercepted several incoming missiles, and several others fell outside of town in unpopulated areas. Metal fragments from the exploded missiles rained around the city, that's why it's important to stay in a protected zone for at least a minute after hearing the explosion.

We pray for the recovery of a 17-year old lad in Ashkelon who has been seriously injured from a direct missile hit while he was running for cover in an open area.

Hashem continues to do miracles...


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Do you know the name of the injured boy? We will daven for him.


Dear Emunah Brigade,

Please read this article. Please share with your readers to demonstrate how Hashem is running this war for Klal Yisroel


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