Engaging the Enemy
Bar Kamtza, 2014

A Strong Home-Front, IDF Ground Assault in Gaza

Ashdod morning 18.7

Ashdod, Friday morning, 10:05 AM - no, this is not Star Wars, but Iron Dome missiles intercepting a barrage of 7 Hamas rockets from Gaza

Last night, the IDF began a coordinated ground operation in Gaza. Having discovered the terrorist tunnel near Sufa, which could have ended in a devastating tragedy Heaven forbid, the government and the army were left with no choice but to do the utmost to free our citizenry from the threat of terrorist tunnels. As such, the combat engineers are playing a critical role in the assault. Our soldiers are performing a task that dangerous beyond description - we owe them our non-stop prayers and support. May Hashem protect them and give them success!

Since midnight, we've had 5 separate missile attacks here in Ashdod, whereas each attack consisted of multiple missiles fired at us. With Hashem's mercy, no one has been hurt.

If you or your children heard just one alarm siren, or the crash and explosion of just one missile, not only would you remember it in your mind always, but you could appreciate what our families are going through.

It's easy for the western politicians to tell Israel to restrain itself. If you live in America, then "war" refers to some faraway place like Afghanistan or Vietnam.

Israel has no such luxury. Here in the south of Israel, the front lines on the Gaza border are less than a half-hour's drive by car for hundreds of thousands of people. The Home-Front is therefore extremely close to the front.

There's a vitally important principle that no country at war can ignore: a capable and effective military is neutralized if the home-front is weak. Therefore, a strong home-front with a strong morale is vital for victory. Nothing keeps both the army and the home-front strong like emuna.

Emuna Outreach, now under the auspices of Rabbi Shalom Arush shlit'a, gives top priority to strengthening our home-front. We have been distributing emuna books and CDs all over the south of Israel, to civilians and IDF soldiers alike.

The outdoor market of Ashdod has in the past been a favorite Friday-morning Hamas target, particularly because of the concentration of people there. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev promised that anywhere his book Likutei Moharan is, there won't be fire or catastrophe. Emuna Outreach has already fitted quite a few armored vehicles in the IDF with Likutei Moharan. Earlier today, we made sure that bomb shelters and local merchants received the book as well, thanks to your generous support. Everyone who received the book was truly moved and tremendously grateful. I was asked to relay a ton of blessings to our contributors.

You can do your part in the war effort too. Your donation helps strengthen Israel's soldiers and civilians under fire. Your assistance in spreading emuna wins wars. Please donate with an open heart to Emuna Outreach - you can do so by clicking the "Donate" button on the top left-hand toolbar of this site. This is a tremendous mitzva and a direct contribution to the war effort and to the full redemption of our people. Thanks, Shabbat Shalom G-d bless always! 

Image, below: Emuna Outreach's "Strong Home-Front" Project: Merchants from Ashdod's outdoor market, hit in past by Hamas missiles, receiving Likutei Moharan from Rabbi Lazer

Strong HomeFront


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Please daven for Mordehai Hai ben Bracha Yehudit - he is a soldier who was injured by mortar shells in Eskol.


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