Israel Mourns
The Beauty of Innocent Emuna

A Time to React

One who fully believes in the truth of his or her actions isn't deterred by anyone or anything. For example, even if the entire world scoffs at our observance of one of the Torah's commandments, a true believer, the baal emuna, cannot be swayed.

With the above principle in mind, we can now understand the current Israel government's utterly paralyzing fear of world opinion and hesitation in reacting assertively. Amazingly, our country's level of emuna and power of deterrence are directly proportional - the lower the emuna, the lower the deterrence. Why the hesitation? The politicians simply lack belief in our Divine-sanctioned right to our holy homeland. Despite the fact that Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Shaer have been torn from us in the most cruel and barbaric way and the south of Israel is again under siege, the politicians in their pitiful indecision have reacted by letting the IDF bomb empty buildings in Gaza (sic), despite the fact that Hamas now openly admits its part in the 20+ rocket-barrage that hit the south of Israel in recent hours. 

With Hamas-like radical Islam spreading like wildfire and the ISIS having taken over entire sections of Iraq and Syria, Israel's sterile gloves - both military and spiritual - need to be removed. Just as our Torah and emuna should be the products of total dedication, and not of mediocrity, so should our power of military deterrence, which in recent years has sorely eroded. Our neighbors in this tough side of the globe respect power - both the power of faith and the power of dedication, which sometimes requires us to take up arms. Their dark-side faith leads to Jihad and atrocities; our holy peace-loving and humanitarian faith must be stronger than theirs. It's time to react without holding back, both in our observance of Torah and in our defense of our country.


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Amen, from your mouth to G-d's ears!


Amen! and Amen!!

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