The Elephants and the War
Emuna News Update: The War in Ashdod

"Allah Does Miracles for Them"

A foreign correspondent was interviewing one of the Hamas commanders and asked him for his reaction, that Hamas fired hundreds of missiles in the last 24 hours, yet most of them were either intercepted by the Iron Dome of fell into open areas. The Hamas terrorist answered, "What can I do if Allah does miracles for them? But, the minute Allah gets angry at them, wait and see what will happen..."

Every page of Gemara we learn, every Mishna, every Psalm we say, every Challa a woman bakes, every coin that's given to a needy person, every word of prayer, every reinforcement of emuna, every effort at enhancing unity and every other mitzva that a man, woman or child does only fans the bright flames of Hashem's love for us. Inshalla (Arabic for G-d willing), Hashem's love for us is eternal and will only grow! But, we must do our part. The more our camp is holy (Deuteronomy 23:15), the more we assure that Hashem's Divine Presence hovers in our midst, for the Guardian of Israel never slumbers.

Be strong, Israel, and don't fear!


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what holy yiden in ashdod Reb Lazer you can be Proud


Times are difficult now, but we will Bezrat Hashem have redemption soon

S Small

This is just like last Shabbat, Bilam - Do NOT go with them , yet he persisted. May Hamas be zoche to the same end as Bilam.
Where can I find this interview to show people that these "religous" people don't care about the wishes of thier G-d?

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