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Sunday, 27 July 2014


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David Aharon Lindzon [Lindsay]


One should also see what happens to Christians in Iran ... one report of a Christian who ate during Ramadan [the month of fasting] was sentenced to have his lips burned with a cigarette.


Truth implies humility because someone who wants truth wants the truth only and is seeking the truth and is happy and joyful to be wrong provided he hears the truth. In fact it would make the person smile to be wrong and learn the truth. Since emotions stem from the soul, truth should make a smile.

Taleah Yvette DeCastro

Thank you for your words of wisdom & hope Rabbi Brody. May HaShem protect Israel and Israel Defence Forces. Know that constant prayers are being sent. With great respect for your teachings, I bid you gratitude.

shuli kleinman

women interested in searching for truth and getting into balance are invited to join our twice daily teshuva call for the three weeks, 8 am and 10 pm eastern time. please visit for details


did you hear about the Rosh Hashana plot that was foiled baruch Hashem May continue to protect the Am Yisrael

Lazer Brody

SMB - G-d willing, we'll write about it soon - we needed to verify the details. Thanks and G-d bless...

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