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Monday, 14 July 2014


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Miriam Sara

... Really touching... May everyone go from strength to strength b ruchnius v gashmius, amen

Malka Forshner

I've seen Breslev spread much joy through song and dance, but this video was moving...you're also doing tefillin with our holy soldiers! Wonderful! (I'm not saying you generally don't do tefillin with those who don't know about it yet, just never saw it....)


How pure and moving, I really have tears in my eyes, May Hashem protect the children of Tzahal and all the Jewsih nation amen Thank you Rabbi Brody for sharing ths video with us.

Leah Bracha

Wow! Going to the Gaza border and lifting the spirits of the soldiers, putting on tefillin and strengthening them with emuna, what a kiddush H'! This is something I am sure they will never forget. Thank you R. Brody for sharing this very heartwarming video.

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