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Emuna News Bulletin: South of Israel Under Missile Attack

Mon, 7 July: 9:10 PM

During the last hour, the south of Israel has been attacked with over fifty rockets. At first, barrages were directed at Beer Sheva, Netivot and Ofakim in addition to Sderot and the Gaza settlements, where mortar fire falls incessantly.

Forty minutes ago, at 8:30 PM, two consecutive sirens sounded in Ashdod. Each siren gives a 38-second warning to take cover. I heard ten explosions; four seemed to be the Iron Dome interceptor missiles, and six sounded like Katyushas. One missile was intercepted quite near our neighborhood. To the best of my knowledge, one person here in Ashdod has suffered shrapnel injuries.

Hamas, who has claimed responsibility for the recent barrages, is greatly escalating the conflict. A siren went off in Bet Shemesh, where one Katyusha rocket fell in an open field less than an hour ago.

At this time, sirens are sounding south of here, in Ashkelon.

Hopefully later, we'll be back with a broader emuna news update. May we hear good tidings...


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I am in Gedera. We had 2 sirens around the same time and also heard several concussions. My husband was in the bet knesset next door and they saw a few Iron Dome intercepts but where were more explosions. I determine they were to our south and closer than Ashdod.

Lori, The Netherlands

Thank you for keeping us in the diaspora up to date with the truth of what is happening in Eretz Israel. You are in our prayers.


Shalom from Rechovot, where the siren was sounding as well! Our entire apartment building was shaking with each loud explosion- May Hashem send Geulah b"Rachamim speedily and protect Am Yisrel!

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