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Emuna News Update: Operation "Protective Edge"

Ashdod, Tue July 8 - 10:52 AM

The sirens in Ashdod are now wailing for the fourth time in the past hour. Previously, Ashdod was hit with 2 rockets each in barrages at 10:00, 10:18, and 10:35. I just heard the big explosion of the Iron Dome intercepting missile - it caught the incoming Katyusha midair and destroyed it, with Hashem's grace.

The IDF has now declared Operation "Protective Edge." From the way the Air Force is bombing Gaza, it seems that the IDF is targeting the terrorist leaders.

In the last 24 hours, over 200 missiles have been fired from Gaza at the south of Israel. Meanwhile, our children are home from school today, which requires many parents to stay home. Hamas threatens to escalate even further. May Hashem give wisdom to our leaders, courage and Divine protection to our soldiers.

It's our job to strengthen ourselves in Torah and emuna. You too are a soldier, for when a person becomes stronger in his or her emuna in LA, New York or Miami, an Israeli soldier on the Gaza border gets stronger too. May we hear good tidings!

11:25 AM

The Defence Minister has just declared a state of emergency in the south of Israel. In local jargon, it means we're at war. Practically, it means that one should always be within 38 seconds (from where I live; 30 seconds in Ashkelon and 15 seconds in Sderot) from a bomb shelter. The cabinet has now given the IDF the green light to do what they have to do to end the rocket fire from Gaza.

Emuna Outreach is trying its best so that no Israeli soldier stationed near Gaza and no bomb shelter in the south of Israel lacks emuna books and CDs. Your help is always welcome.

2:20 PM

Sirens in Ashdod, another rocket attack - from the sound of the explosion, it sounds like the rocket was intercepted by Iron Dome. This is attack #5 so far today.

Does the government consider the residents of southern israel expendable?

YNet reports, "Netanyahu had earlier pledged 'to do whatever is necessary' to restore quiet to southern Israeli communities although he cautioned against any rush towards wider confrontation with Hamas, whose arsenal includes long-range rockets that can reach Israel's heartland and its business capital, Tel Aviv." In other words, the residents of the south are expendable, just so long as the rockets don't hit the banks, bars and sidewalk cafes of Tel Aviv. This is the same pathetic attitude of a government that took child support payments from families blessed with many children and income subsidies from Torah families. The war is now costing them umpteen times more. When will they ever learn?

Hashem runs the world measure for measure. Bibi and his government tried to crumble the yeshivas by taking away government support. Not a single Yeshiva crumbled. Instead, Bibi's own party is crumbling; yesterday, Avigdor Liberman and his Yisrael Betenu faction terminated their partnership with Bibi and the Likud.

For every soldier on the front lines, we need a guy in yeshiva manning his Gemara battle station...


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