Israeli and Italian Foreign Ministers Visit Ashdod
Bar Kamtza, 2014

Hamas: It's not the Problem

Israel's Cabinet unilaterally accepted a ceasefire yesterday. The Prime Minister says the he wants to give diplomacy a chance. Naturally, he won't succeed. He should have been saying, let's give teshuva a chance. Unfortunately, the government in its blindness has left Hashem out of the peace equation; since that's the case, there can be no peace.

Hamas answered Bibi with a barrage of forty more rockets. So meanwhile, the fighting has resumed. I can't help but feeling that our leaders lack clear objectives and resolve. There is certainly a lack of agreement on how to fight this war, within the Israel government coalition itself. Rather than calling for a decisive victory, they're still calling for a ceasefire. They just don't understand...

Every other ceasefire in the past has only yielded a stronger Hamas, more war, and eroded Israeli deterrrence. This one is no different. In the latest round of hostilities, the Hamas leadership and infrastructure have remained intact, underground. The smuggling tunnels that replenish Hamas arsenals and the terror-embarkation tunnels that threaten Israel's citizens are also intact. Hamas, weakened and diplomatically isolated before the war, is now the darling of the Arab world - Daud - the Arab David who stood up to the Israeli Goliath without flinching. Once again, the Israeli government has chosen the path of flattery to the nations rather than doing Hashem's will.

As I wrote yesterday, from "Operation Cast Lead" which began on Dec. 27, 2008 to "Operation Pillar of Defense" that began on Nov. 14, 2012 was almost 4 years. Then, only 20 months later, we now have the current "Operation Protective Shield" began on July 8, 2014. Everytime, Hamas comes back with more and stronger weaponry, while war becomes more and more frequent. And, with the current ceasefire when nothing has been accomplished, my estimate is that hostilities will resume in less than a year. Why? The problem has not been solved. 

Hamas is not the problem, but a mere discipline-rod in Hashem's hands. The problem is the government's disengagement with Hashem, with His Torah, and with everything Jewish. Like the old folk song goes, "When will they ever learn?"

Even though the government doesn't know what it's doing, Hashem does. Let's trust Him, and Him only. There's no one else to depend on, ever.


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May Hashem help us to know what to do and how to do so the geula sheleimah will come. We can each do something physically and spiritually. In these difficult days, we need to stand together to be strong. Things seem very gloomy, but we will be victorious bezrat Hashem. We should just keep trying to grow and may redemption come soon

Leah Chantzi

So true.....

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