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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


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Hashem saved us through the boys - Through them we united and merited to have the decree torn up, baruch Hashem. It's like the Purim story where Haman wanted to destroy us but we came together and G-d saved us.


How did they plan to obtain IDF uniforms?

Lazer Brody

DA, it's easier than digging a tunnel - they make imitations that they sew in Gaza


I know that everyone in Israel are not believers, but these tunnels were exposed by the hand of God, If you live in Israel and are not believers I urge you to reconsider all things of this world. Give the credit to G=d. His hand is truly over his people.
I am so sorry for the deaths of these three souls but they were doing G-ds will even if they had no clue.
My heart also hurts for the IDF deaths, may G-d give the families peace.
Greenville SC

Yonah Alexandre Bronstein

100% Emet, thank G-d.

In term of our hishtadlut/human effort: how long would it take the IDF to dig a moat, 1 meter wide, 10 meter deep, all around Gaza?

All the tunnels would be exposed, a hole could be blown into them, and then, the moat could be connected to the Mediterranean sea...
1 big FLUSH...


I read the article but the video is not available. Everytime I click there is a message tha t iis not available in this country.

Z. Stein

They've captured and killed enough IDF soldiers over the years that if all they were sending was 200 fighters, they probably have close to enough uniforms, but I agree. It's likely that some would be counterfeited.

Rachel Z R


It says it is blocked in this country. Can't view it.

Devorah Chayah

Don't know exactly what you mean by "believer" AJ, but let me assure you that EVERY Jewish neshamah is a believer in the Almighty.

Robert Higginson

Having a link to this article through my Facebook page, one of my friends tried to view this using a computer in a public library in Britain. He found that the Lazer Beams web site is blocked by the filters in public libraries. Lazer Beams is classified as "Adult Content", a description normally used for porn.

I had put a post or comment on facebook saying how helpful this article was in giving some of the information relating to the possible Rosh Hashana attack.

rivka michal kahn

With respect to Jews throughout Israel and the world:please read parashat Bechukotai! Let us band together, keep Shabbat, keep the mitzvot and show HaShem hoow grateful we are for his infinite love, caring and protection of his beloved Jewish nation

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