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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


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May we do whatever we need to do so the Redemption can come already.
Every prayer and good deed counts. Shabbat candles bring light. charity, unity and learning how to come close to Hashem.
We can do it, it's our mission and destiny

Miriam Sara

Shalom Aleichem ...and wow living situation / circumstances must be exhausting for everyone in Israel :( I hope and pray families (parents) and in general people are supporting each other in coping with possibly lack of sleep and irregular schedules.
I just typed "With G-d's help" then erased .... Because I'm uncertain I really believe G-d is here/ there for you for me as our Jewish father. I want to believe in the message and suggestions of this article "Emunah news anayisis..." but where is G-d? In case you haven't noticed we need you now....ad mosai avineu?
Why is our safety as a Jewish nation dependent on modesty, new commitments or additional reinforced committments to Halacha ? Is the answer as simple as: The yidden in Egypt(mitzreim) were redeemed for keeping their language , their customs (?) and their names?
Parenthetically, when I have doubts or silly questions, my neshama takes over and answers so accurately as is illustrated above.
My most recent focus is, the entire world is facing the test of wealth so we the Jewish people have, in my humble understanding, a greater test now than we had in Egypt(mitzreim).
At the same time....how much persecution can one nation withstand?
I still feel like ad mosai avineu ....but at the same time I pray for him to have mercy and chesed toward the Jewish people whether they are modest or not or observant or not and a most heartfelt prayer for G-d to have mercy and compassion on the yidden who are observing because we have the courage to openly love his Torah and Mitzvot and at times like this one can feel completely out numbered because the force of the enemy is so strong and relentless.((
Please Hashem save us now, please Hashem bring success now, amen.

Yonah Alexandre Bronstein

100% Emet. In fact, after seeing the jihad video of the launch of 2 missiles from a falafel stand, and the sound they make, and the white plume they leave behind, that maybe they are mida-kneged-mida ("ATFAT" in R. Brody talk) for sperm that Jewish men launch into all the wrong places:
. into the air (masturbation)
. into wives in niddah
. into women who aren't their wives
. into other men (homosexuality)
Not politically correct, but logically very compelling...

In fact it's no coincidence that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry restarted this latest intifada/war by saying "Israelis don't understand peace, maybe the Arabs should start another intifada.", what does 'KERI' mean in halacha?


Things are very gloomy and might get gloomier, but we are very close to the Dawn. Our yetzer hara/bad inclination is trying to distract us with politics and anger so we don't do what we need to do. We should try to Not let it distract us.
Let's use this opportunity during these weeks to work on ourselves and improve on whatever we need to do. Whether it's mitzvos between us and Hashem like Shabbat. Or mitzvos between people, like controlling temper and respecting each other.
For example, with right and left, we have different views, but the message gets across better when we say it calmly rather than screaming. It's hard to do, but we need to keep working on our self - We shouldn't cease on that. Every prayer and mitzvah helps to bring the Light of Dawn.

Richard Rogow

I quite don't understand. (1)The Israeli leaders may not be in the Emunah-Teshuva path even an XYZ% of the Jewish population is. Why does the XYZ% of the Jewish population has to pay for the miss-direction of the Jewish leaders?
(2) What is the critical mass of the Jewish population required to achieve the Emunah-Teshuva threshold so that Hashem will respond favorably?. Next, aren't there multiple directions to reach the spiritual closeness to Hashem?

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