Emuna News Update: The War in Ashdod
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Hashem's Miracles in Ashdod

Here's an example of Hashem's miracles. Below is a photo of a GRAD rocket that hit downtown Ashdod an hour ago. Despite the many high-rise condos all around, the rocket - one of the few that made it past the Iron Dome defense system - didn't hit a single building but landed in the parking lot. The car and gas cannisters blew up, but not a single person was wounded, thank-You, Hashem! (photo courtesy of ashdodnet.com):

Ashdod miracle 10.7


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Lori, The Netherlands

Thid is truly a Miracle!

Thank you Hashem for protecting the Chilfren of Israel.

Our prayers are with you. Ashdod and all of israel. We keep praying.


If our enemies can figure out from the picture where this explosion took place, then they can aim better.


Not sure if my last comment got through.
Publicizing pictures of where rockets strike can aid our enemy, if they can identify the building. It should be taken down.

eleanor hines

Good thing they were going to repave that parking lot in August anyway and put in a garden beside it!

Ayala kohen

Thank god. Thank you Hashem!

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