The Martyrs' Holy Bodies
Emuna News Bulletin: South of Israel Under Missile Attack

Hashem's Unlimited Garden

Hashem's garden
Blessings for a wonderful new week!

In my military past, I've been through some really challenging circumstances, like wartime situations in places where no supply truck could ever reach us. Yet, Hashem always fed me; at critical times, I'd find wild celery roots or an old carob tree. Over the years, I've learned that Hashem has an Unlimited Pantry - read all about it in this week's special issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

My beloved teacher Rav Shalom Arush warns us to be careful about the Yetzer Hara, the evil inclination; it steals thin slices of a person until there's nothing left, just like a Salami.

Channa became a widow after her husband lost his battle against a disease. She took solace in listening to the Dodgers games, because announcer Vin Sculley sounded just like her deceased husband. Then, she started listening to Breslev Israel broadcasts. Find out what happened in My Baseball Addiction.

This week's Torah portion is Pinchas. In it, we learn how one's children can save his or her life, in this world and in the next. Read all about it in Sons Rescue Fathers.

Also featured this week:

Dr. Zev Ballen - Flipping the Pain

Racheli Reckles - Sex and the Serial Killer

Rivka Levy - The Breslev Infirmary

David Perlow - The Silent Scream

Enjoy, and let's pray that we hear only good news from one another, amen!


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