Balance of Power
Breslev Israel, Emuna Outreach and Operation "Protective Edge"

Israel and Ishmael, Order and Disorder

Aerial Photo North Gaza 2005
Hashem in His loving grace and amazing compassion has enabled me to understand the current conflict between Israel and Hamastan-Gaza by way of physics, and particularly thermodynamics. We know that the physical manifestations of creation reflect the underlying spiritual laws that the Creator in His omniscience instilled in creation. Whereas science concerns itself with the mechanics of events within nature, emuna concerns itself with the mechanics of events above nature.

Without confusing you with the laws of energy and thermodynamics, let's simplify: there are two opposing powers in molecular theory - the power that seeks order and the power that seeks disorder. These two powers always fight each other. The more that the power of order prevails, the more the world obtains "Gibbs Free Energy", which is more commonly known as "free enthalpy", or useful energy. The more that the power of disorder prevails, the greater the "entropy" or chaotic, unproductive energy in the world. We can now understand how the same nuclear energy can illuminate the world when its in the responsible hands of a nuclear power plant, or destroy the world when it becomes the entropic energy of a nuclear bomb detonation.

The Torah juxtaposes Israel and Ishmael. Without bogging us down with dozens of quotes, Israel is the world's "free enthalpy", or useful energy. Israel has given society everything from morals to medicine, from agriculture to zero illiteracy. Israel has sponsored and spearheaded agricultural, construction, educational and medical projects around the world. Here at home, we've made the desert bloom. Our children learn to read at age three. We are a nation that exports compassion, for caring about others is a trait that Jews have an endless reservoir of. Our Torah is a "tree of life" whose ways are all peaceful and pleasant. Israel uses its resources to educate and heal people; our concrete and metal go to building schools, hospitals and factories. Our faith is emuna, spreading the light of Hashem's love for every human.

On the other hand, Ishmael is the power of disorder and chaos, destructive energy. As the Torah says, his hands are on everybody - he can't live without a fight. His contribution to society is negative, for he destroys rather than builds. Other than jihad, his constant holy wars, he has no claim to fame. His money results from his natural resources - oil - which Hashem gave him as a reward for being circumcised. He has no technology or knowledge base of his own. His children learn cruelty from a young age, growing up with the burning desire to kill his rival, Israel; so much so, that he'll sacrifice his own family without blinking an eyelash to spill the blood of Israel, Heaven forbid. Ishmael uses its resources to kill his rivals; not only Jews, but his own people as he does in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Gaza and everywhere else he lives. His concrete and metal resources go to building terrorist tunnels; his kids don't need to read and write as long as they can wield a knife and operate an AK-47. His faith is Jihad, holy war, killing anyone who doesn't agree with his darkside murderous treachery that he calls a religion.

The above explains the war in Gaza. No, it's not Israel's war with the Gazans. This is a struggle between the useful energy of the world and the destructive energy of the world. Israel must overcome in order for this planet to be a decent place to dwell in. The French, Germans, British and Belgians can now understand why their homelands are becoming less and less tolerable as they are being taken over by the Ishmaelites.

For the ultimate good of mankind and this planet, may Hashem help us prevail, amen.


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Robert G van Dijk


Am Yisrael Chai! Amen!

Robert G. van Dijk, Amsterdam, Holland


AS the GAON of Vilna taught, science is the fallen/lower wisdom of Torah. From this source we learn that there are always two forces in the world, Chasdim and Gevurot. The Chasdim (order) mitigate the Gevurot (disorder), this seems to parallel the laws of thermodynamics. Something that has becoming clear to me in this war stems from a quote from our sages 'The moon has no light of its own', the moon reflects the sun's light, this is the basis of many kabbalistic teachings. What is clarifying in my mind is that the muslims/ishmael/moon worshipers have no light of their own, they reflect what they get from the sunworshipers/christians/. The arabs produce nothing, even the decomposed carbonised remains of their ancestors that they extract as oil only gets value from the money they get from xtian lands. Our ancestors lived both in arab countries (sephardi side) and european countries (ashkenaz side), the suffering on the sephardi side was much less than the ashkenasim in europe. The current battle we have with the Arabs came after the worlds leading Christian occupier occupied Israel, leaving behind hatred and chaos. But it is not as linear as that, to cure this problem, the gevurot/entropy within the west needs to be mitigated by its Chasdim/enthalpy, then it will shine that light on the arabs to reflect. ...... just a thought


This is BRILLIANT. Brilliant in its simplicity and truth. This is what we call good vs. evil. Yasher koach Rabbi Lazer Brody.

David Aharon Lindzon [Lindsay]

Into this seemingly difficult situation is the need to remember that Hashem is directing the show. This Monday we will begin the Nine Days of intensified Mourning and reflection on the causes of the Churban [destruction] of the Beit Hamikdash [Temple] and the people of Islam will be marking the end of the month long fast of Ramadan with a feast on Monday and Tuesday. It's a contrast.
Out of this comes our Emunah in Hashem. Note that the names of the two peoples give us a deep clue as to what will happen. G-d hears or G-d will prevail.


Maybe the ferocity of the slander Israel is facing from anti Semites, such as the New York Times, the BBC and others, is a punishment for our not having been careful enough to speak properly about each other (lashon hara, hotzaat shem ra). It is discouraging, what can we do about it?

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