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Prayer vigil

We heard the bitter news several hours ago.

It's slightly after midnight in Israel, and I just returned from a lecture I gave in Beersheva. All over Israel, there are spontaneous prayer vigils at main intersections, like the one pictured above (image courtesy of Flash 90 via Israel National News), as Israel mourns the tragic and brutal deaths of martyrs Eyal Yifrah (19), Gilad Shaer (16) and Naftali Frenkel (16), the three yeshiva students who were kidnapped on June 12, 19 days ago. Without a doubt, every family in Israel feels as if this is their personal loss.

Our three martyrs were savagely murdered in cold blood by a barbaric and heartless enemy. But, they didn't die in vain; these three martyrs affected a change in the entire populace here. They did what no one else could - they brought the Jewish People together.

As far as we know now, the bodies of the three were found badly mutilated in a shallow grave near Halhoul, an Arab town north of Hevron.

The search is now over. Our loss is unfathomable, for which no words can describe. My heart tells me that we'll see big changes, for our three martyrs have brought us a giant step closer to Moshiach. The future won't be easy. There will be a tremendous war against evil, but emuna will win and Hashem's Holy Name will be sanctified,as we say in the Kaddish prayer, yitgadal v'yitkadash Shmei raba - amen.


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Meir Zev Mark

"they brought the Jewish People together."

On the surface this would certainly seem to be true. Yes, Tehillim was said and Tefillah was offered in every congregation and yeshiva worthy of the name wherever Jews can be found on planet earth.

That's the TALK. and talk alone doesn't achieve achdus. For real achdus, the kind that's recognizable as such in Shomayim, we also need the WALK.

And what's the WALK in the context of this tragedy? Let's see who shows up to the funerals.

If it's redux of the crowd that attended the funerals of the Fogel family and the eight bochurim that were massacred at Merkas HaRav Kook then it will represent the antithesis of achdus.

But if a representative number of all those who participated in the TALK to bring these boys home alive also show up to WALK them to their final resting place then we are closer to Moshiach than anyone can imagine.

Miriam Sara

Baruch Dayan ha emes ((
So bitter and devastating (
... I finally opened my Torah to find some strength to believe in Hashem and I opened to this weeks Haftorah the words seem accurate and message is still to be committed to Hashem's will.

Yehonasan Easton

We must strengthen ourselves to actively continue the achdus, tefilla and emuna that were increased during the recent weeks.


May we continue to have achdus and may the Geula Shelema come soon




Israel is one!!

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