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Wednesday, 30 July 2014


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Miriam Sara

Shalom Aleichem. Thank you R"B for the illustrations.
We are praying so much for all of you in Israel. My daughter and I participated this week in a rally for Israel which was, to my pleasant surprise, really unified with a blend of Am Yisroel and a message to the world that Israel's land is the Jewish people's forever and Hamas, may their name be erased, is basically the world's worst nightmare and that Israel will step up and deal with this even if the rest of the world continues to stay asleep (I believe a more accurate word for the worlds reaction is: denial.
I have been really struggling with doing everything in my life either exclusively Jewish and feeling alone in a dark spiritual world and basically holding myself to the standard of, "well if you can't do your entire life exclusively Jewish without any other spiritual support, why bother trying?" My conflict with what I see and with who I thought I'm striving to be is mostly with me thinking I want to be so Jewish but the resources I have been hearing about for years I felt were not at times expecting woman to act like doormats and any problems require complete acceptance without action which lead to me believing, "well if you do this g-d is happy and if you don't do this g-d is mad".....instead of rambling on this means, for me, sustained Judaism had become a drought spirituality. For the past five-and-a-half years, I have become aquatinted with various twelve step programs, people and literature and then I felt I had to choose one-or-the-other since how can I be loyal to both?
For some reason this article, thanks again, reminded me of the reality, physical and emotional, as well as, the confusion of being in denial and / or suffering from a lack of information, impacts almost an entire world-:(.
Today I am grateful to have closer connection with G-d and with spiritual healthy people in Judaism as well as in the twelve step rooms.
May we all remain and/ or become teachable and define our boundaries well so we can grow and contribute to the world without being in denial which perpetuates great dysfunction physically and spiritually, amen.
Please Hashem give us all the gift of true spiritual awakening and the willingness to take action to change, amen.
Be well everyone.

Samuel Kraft

minor Loss? we just lost dozens of Tzadikims, just becouse they didn't looked reliigious doesn't mean they are not considered Tzadiks in Shamaim, for us Jews there are no Minor loss , we have the best Hospitals for that reason, moore than 50 Israelites were just killed, this is beynd my understanding all the loss , al for our freedom , may they be rejoycing in HaShem's palace for the eternity, Omen.

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