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Thursday, 17 July 2014


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Jos Duerinck

Confederalism 2 Virtual overlapping states Palestine & Israel that completely share the same nice country Palestine, each individual @ age 16 chooses His/Her State Israel or Palestine and becomes able to vote and support His/Her respective Government and Both Governments make it Good for all citizens, poor & middle & upperclass by implementing a FairTax ??% Sales tax as only tax on the buying of all goods & services including banking services, that tax income supports a unconditional Basic Income of € 14,000/y & those who Hire people for jobs pay at least the MinimumWage € 10/h then all citizens of both Governments that all share the same country are happy and terror and war becomes a thing of the past and Israel & Palestine as one shared country with 2 virtual states functions as a Social Liberal model for the world. Also by adapting fully the upcoming Crypto's as currencies and adopting Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing @ it's fullest... Palestine and Israel when working in coöperation for the future can create with all it's super technology a paradise on Earth for U all and for all your next generations... free of hate and loving each other as should be. Halt firing rockets, stop throwing stones, and to Israel end the War against your own Palestine population and start again talks to implement the Mobile Virtual 2 State solution with overlapping states in one country that advance Humanity and Mankind in a Poverty ► Terror ► War FREE WAY for your next generation of Zionists and others there. for pardigm shift WAR FREE in PEACE for REAL PROGRESS for ALL ASAP NOW. Pls, #Share it. Thanks.

Miriam Sara

Shalom Aleichem.-:
Silence/ shock is what I feel when I read the above post...u guys are so brave and if it helps strengthen you please know we are praying so much for you and your families.
May the victories of this weeks parsha be expressed / relived in this situation, amen.
Please turn up the volume and help Am Yisroel more Hashem , amen.


Hamas and Haman are the same. just a letter off. And just like in the Purim story, we need unity and prayer so we can be successful at getting rid of the terrorists.

David Aharon Lindzon [Lindsay]

There is a way that was proposed at the very beginning of Israel of their first entry in Canaan. Am Israel was responsible for 613 Biblical Commandments. Those who wished to stay were required to keep the renewed 7 Noahide laws. If the Ishmaelim wish to remain they will understand that they must do these laws in order to remain in Israel.


Hamas is only able to furrow their way underground because our Erev Rav Republic provides electricity to their leaders who are burrowed deep underground. What type of Govt. goes to war and provides electricity to the enemy, making it more difficult to win the war??????

Lazer, you posted a comment from Lyndon RaRouche, vicious anti-Semite.

Leah Chantzi

Dear Rabbi Brody, Such a Kiddush Hashem to see you blessing this young man. it is so easy to see that you truly care for each and every Jew.

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