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Friday, 11 July 2014


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Yonah Alexandre Bronstein

The ones who are really at risk are the Tsahal soldiers on the front, and YOU CAN HELP save their life: email
and ask for the name of soldier to"pair up" with: give them a share in every prayer or mitzva you do. That same organization did that during the last Gaza war (2009) and there were only 13 Israeli casualties, which was both a miracle and a record for any Israeli war! PASS that email ON to your network/facebook friends: it needs to go around the world in 24 hours so all the soldiers are covered, G-d willing, even before Shabbat comes in.


Thank you for posting these photos! This truly an amazing and indisputable miracle. Thank you HaShem for watching over your children!!!! Please continue to shield us from all harm.

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