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Explosive device beitar

Image above, courtesy of Israel Police via - disassembled car-bomb explosive device from Beitar, 27 July, 2014

The ongoing war in Gaza has blurred our focus on Judea and Samaria, where a new entifada is brewing.

Yesterday morning, an alert border policeman at Beitar Illit noticed that the driver of a white west-bound Citroen Berlingo was acting weird - he pulled him over but he tried to get away. He was apprehended immediately and arrested. In the back of the Berlingo, the officers saw several prodigious cooking gas canisters, the size that would be sufficient for a month's needs for a 12-family apartment building. These propane cannisters were connected to chunks of metal and an explosive device which contained several pounds of TNT (the flesh-colored play-dough looking substance in the image above). Police sappers disassembled the car bomb, which was intended to explode in an Israeli residential area. Hashem prevented a mega-catastrophe. In the words of super-modest officer Yeshurun Zoran, a real hero who we all owe much to:

We're in the notorious "9 Days" before Tisha B'Av, and yet Hashem's miracles and loving-kindness know no bounds. We should all be singing praises and songs of gratitude all day long.

The Klausenberger Rebbe osb"m, who lost a wife and 11 children in the Holocaust, addressed the challenges of our people and taught how to regard them from the proper perspective: "A father's mercy is upon his son; it's therefore clear that our Father in Heaven doesn't want to harm us, for His love of His people Israel and even the sinners of Israel is well known."

Read all about it in Dance the Troubles Away, my feature article in this week's issue of Breslev Israel magazine.

This week's Torah portion is Devarim. Digging Up the Dirt is a very relavant elaboration on it.

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Important Announcement - this week, there will not be a live emuna shiur and broadcast; G-d willing, we'll be back next week, the day after Tisha B'Av. Have a great week and G-d bless!


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I can’t help but wonder if Hashem is testing us as he did during our trek through the desert when we sent out the spies and we believed that He would not protect us against our enemies.

When we didn’t go into Gaza, rockets that fell did little damage and we and the world saw miracles. Once we took this mission into our own hands, the consequences became worse.

Would we be better protected if we do tehillim and practice trust in Hashem as we do with all our enemies rather than take fate into our own hands? Is this a trust test, an emuna test?

If then, the world saw these miracles clearly, would they better understand that we are Hashem's chosen children?

I wonder.


Dear Anonymous

I respectfully disagree with you.

We no longer live in a time of Hashem doing open miracles - like Kriyat Yam Suf - for us. We live in a time of Hester Panim.

But we see many miracles every day of this war! Hashem allowed this border policeman to notice and take car of this car, and prevent a disaster. Hashem allowed the horrible plan of the Rosh Hashana disaster to be discovered and foiled. Hashem allowed our Chayalim to see the many terrorists (dressed in Tzahal uniforms) come out of the tunnel and prevent them from executing a massive attack of a yishuv near the border.

It is our emunah, tefillot, Tehillim, Chessed that makes us worthy of these miracles. BUT, we must also do our hishtadlut.

Besorot Tovot


There's also this miracle


If everything is measure for measure and if we do not do what they do, will it then not come back to us?

May Hashem protect the entire Jewish Nation always!


Please read the following in Chronicles Chapter 22:7:

"And David said to Solomon, "My son, as for me, it was in my heart to build a House in the name of the Lord my God.
8. But the word of the Lord was upon me, saying: 'You have shed much blood, and you have waged great wars; you shall not build a House in My Name because you have shed much blood to the ground before Me.
9. Behold a son will be born to you; he will be a man of peace, and I shall give him peace from all his enemies around about, for Solomon will be his name, and I shall give peace and quiet to Israel in his days."

We welcome the peace.

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