Another Miracle in Ashdod
Children Under Fire

More Missile Attacks on Ashdod

Since my last post, Ashdod has been attacked again 3 times - at 6:50 PM, 9:53 PM and 9:56 PM. All the incoming missiles were either intercepted or landed in open places. I never knew that we had so many open places in our tiny country - you'd think we were Alaska. At any rate, no one was hurt, Baruch Hashem, but a few people's nerves were shattered from the exposions. So far, that's 5 attacks for today. The IDF still has plenty of work to finish in Gaza.

Later today, at 12 midnight, I'll be posting two video clips - one in Hebrew and one in English, which answer the question that many parents in the south of Israel have been asking me: how to prevent, or at least mitigate, children's fears and anxieties during rocket attacks. G-d willing, this will be a vital message for all those within rocket range of Gaza.

Update: 11:05 PM - we are again under attack, sixth time today


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