Hashem's Miracles in Ashdod
Miracle in Ashdod: Direct Hit on Gas Station, no Fatalities

Parshat Pinchas: Holy Brazenness

Let's take ten minutes and learn a little Torah together, for the benefit of our souls and for the success of our dedicated soldiers of the IDF.

I'm going to teach you two words in Biblical Hebrew - lama yigora. Don't ever forget them, because we'll soon learn how important they are in serving Hashem, especially for those of us who didn't grow up in Torah homes.

In this week's Torah portion - Pinchas - Tzlofchod's valiant daughters walked right up to Moses and demanded their right to perform an important mitzvah. We too must demand our rights, what Rebbe Nachman calls "holy brazenness". Enjoy the shiur and have a wonderful Shabbat, wherever you are!


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