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Engaging the Enemy

Terrorist Infiltration Thwarted near Kibbutz Sufa

South of Israel and Gaza - Sufa attack
With Hashem's magnificent mercy, alert IDF forces spotted at 13 Hamas terrorists emerging from a kilometers-long tunnel that originated in Gaza reached deep inside Israel near Kibbutz Sufa. As the terrorists emerged from the tunnel-exit hole at 4:30 AM this morning, they were surprised with massive IDF fire. Then and there, their plans to go on a killing spree and/or kidnap Israeli citizens were foiled. As they scurried back into their hole in the ground in a hasty retreat, the Israeli Air Force bombed the opening to the tunnel. Below is the IDF footage:

Below is an IDF photo of some of the terrorist weapons left behind, including anti-tank missiles:

Terrorist attack - Sufa 17.7


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Miriam Sara

Shalom Aleichem ...GM / afternoon... So scary.! I'm glued to my phone checking-up on this war and also keeping tabs on global antisemitism which is huge. I finally commented on one blog with the intention of interrupting the chain on the "free pal------" comments.
This morning (USA time) I saw a very smart headline which read, for the most part, Israeli's protesting / requesting Israel cut the power to Gaza as a logical consequence of Gazians not paying their electric bill! What a brilliant proposal. Seems to me that cutting their power will stop the violence and couldn't Israel benefit from having a ginormous unpaid bill, paid in full?:-)
This proposal has my vote .
Meanwhile our hearts are with you in Israel and our prayers are nonstop.
True peace now, please Hashem, amen.

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