Emuna News Analysis: Hamas, the Weed that Grows Back
Israeli and Italian Foreign Ministers Visit Ashdod

The Ceasefire, Hamas Style

The Israeli government agreed to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire that was theoretically to go into effect at 9AM this morning. In return, Ashdod was hit with two missile attacks at 11:20 and 11:25 AM, the testimony of Hamas/Ishmaelite integrity. Several missiles were intercepted by the Iron Dome, one right over our street. One missile sneaked by the missile defense and made a direct hit on a residential home, landing on the patio near the front door. The blast was so great, that it knocked the reinforced metal front door right out of its frame, as you'll see in the image below (courtesy of ashdodnet.com). Later this evening, we'll be back, G-d willing, with an emuna analysis on latest events. Thank You, Hashem, that no one has been hurt in the latest barrage.



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And Yet Bibi, under orders from the CFR, five permanent members of the UN Sec. Council, the Quartet, and the Ba'al Kerry, wants a ceasefire. We need more missiles on Tel Aviv. There is no reason why the Erev Rav should get a respite from missiles if you have to suffer under code red 24/7 including Shabbat.

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