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The Kosher Gym

These trying times necessitate a healthy body and a very healthy soul. But, there's a right way to maintain our health, and that is in accordance with Torah.

No one would think of strengthening his or her body by eating protein from unkosher meat. Why? We don't strengthen our bodies at the expense of weakening our souls, for the entire purpose of the body is to house a healthy soul. By the same token, it's counter-productive to try and strengthen the body in an unkosher gym, namely, where men and women are working out on the same premises, for that is really damaging to the souls of both sexes. It destroys marriages too. That's why I was so thrilled when my "adopted" spiritual son Yoeli Gotteherer opened up the "Better Health Studio" kosher men's gym in Boro Park, Brooklyn. Recently in New York, Yoeli gave me a good workout. By the way, if you don't have a kosher gym in your area, there's a lot you can do - with minimal or no expense - in your office or den. Stay healthy - it's a big mitzva to take care of yourself!


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amazing video! and thank you so much for this. This is the right approach to fitness. Not the idolatry of worshipping one' body, but turning the body into a tool for strengthening one's emuna.
I have been slagging in my workout routine for the last few months and it has affected by neshamed negatively. This video inspired me to pick those weights again, and to restore my health.
thank you!!!

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