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The Miracle Grenade

Grenade and bullet
Here's a miracle of miracles: 

Nir Dabouri of Israel's Channel Two News online (Mako), reports: an IDF infantryman was hit with an AK-47 (Kalatchnikov) bullet which hit one of the pouches in his flak jacket. The pouch held an Israeli-made assault grenade. The grenade fully absorbed the bullet, but didn't explode!

This is a magnificent triple miracle as follows:

1. The soldier was hit in the torso but the bullet did him no harm;

2. The bullet penetrated the grenade (the bullet could have easily ricocheted off the grenade and hit the soldier anywhere in his torso);

2. The grenade did not explode!

The chances of a soldier emerging unscratched from such an uncounter is one in a trillion.



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Raphael Hay Dawan

This is another miracle by Hashem


This is indeed another tremendous chesed from HaShem!

I work in hi tech and I can attest to the many software bugs, hardware problems, manufacturing defects, and human error in every bit of technology that goes out the door. These things are obviously not going to be publicized, which leaves the reader to think that the product is "the" solution.

Don't attribute this miracle (and yes, it is a miracle) to technology - there is only HaShem!

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