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The Martyrs' Holy Bodies

Rabbi Yaacov Rozha shlit'a is the head rabbi of Zaka and a member of the Chief Rabbinical Council in Israel. He is also the rabbi of the National Pathological Institute in Abu Kabir, near Tel Aviv. He was present when the bodies of our three young martyrs Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Frankel and Gilad Shaer, may Hashem avenge their holy blood, were identified. 

The three were killed immediately after the kidnapping. Their bodies were buried in a shallow grave on a sun-drenched hill where the temperatures averaged in the nineties (F) during the 18 days until the bodies were discovered. Despite this, the pathologists - to their utter amazement - did not find a single worm on any of the three bodies. Rabbi Rozha, who unfortunately has seen hundreds of dead bodies in his career, declared, "I am a witness! Other than the gunshot wounds, there was no other damage to the bodies". Eighteen days in a shallow grave in the hot Israeli summer sun and no decomposition - what a miracle and testimony!

The pathologists agreed that there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon. They're right - the answer is in the Gemara (See first chapter Derech Eretz Zuta, Bava Basra 17a). The Reishit Chochma concludes that worms and maggots have no power over the deceased bodies of the true tzaddikim (see Shaar Hakedusha, chapter four).

With the above in mind, Hashem is showing us the Eyal, Naftali and Gilad were not only martyrs, but they were true tzaddikim as well.

If Hashem had to take such prodigious and pure tzaddikim from our midst, then imagine how great of an atonement the Jewish People needed. We had better get to work immediately - the four key words are teshuva, emuna, Torah and of course, unity. 


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