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Monday, 21 July 2014


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Miriam Sara

R"B Thanku for publicizing this information.

I totally agree and recognize Hashems presence as well as our duty militarily and may Hashem continue to watch over, protect and help out more so we can regain the land and safety of our nation, amen.

For the rest of the nation who is still sleeping, I pray they wake up and acknowledge that there are so many people from every nation that hate us and don't want us to exist. Then after they own this reality, I pray they take action with prayer and whichever financial means they have available to publicize Israel's right to exist as the only homeland for the Jewish nation, period, and there's nothing to negotiate. This paradigm shift may send a natural Geula (redemption) to the entire simple terms, we need to lead by example... In holy terms we need to be a light unto the nations.

Please wake up everyone and please Hashem illuminate us with confidence to fulfill our mission, amen.


In Tehillim 81:14-15 it says, "If only Israel would heed me, If Israel would walk in My ways,

I would subdue their enemies and turn my Hand against their tormentors."

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