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Another Major Hamas Scheme Foiled

Hamas dude
Hashem has once agained foiled a major Hamas scheme. A few hours before the end of the ceasefire, the Israeli Internal Security Authorities (Shin-Bet) ruined a Hamas network's plot to carry out a coup in the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Judea and Samaria like they did in Gaza in 2007. This was also designed to trigger a third intifada. Read all about it here.

Just imagine if Hamas would have control of Judea and Samaria - the entire center of Israel would have become like the Gaza-area towns and villages.

So can anyone trust Hamas?

If anyone thinks that there's a difference between Hamas and the ISIS, they're mistaken.

Once again, missiles are falling in the south of Israel, but thank goodness, Hashem runs the world. And He does everything for the best, with no exceptions. Thank You, Hashem!


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Miriam Sara

Shalom Aleichem everyone. Wow so back at square one or back to the top of the circle:-( so has anyone in charge considered articulating and or publisizing Israel is the gift Hashem bequeathed to the Jewish nation and therefore the land of Israel can not be shared? From memory I recall hearing from a friend the following fact and / or promise spoke by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, obm....all we need to do is say Israel is not negotiable ....and then there will be quiet. It's worth a shot, no pun intended:-)
Praying for everyone and it's time to take the stage and set the tone and be a light unto the nations, amen.
Hatzlacha rabba everyone.
Be well


There is no difference between the stated goals of Hamas and the PA. Abbas even boasts that the PA/PlO has murdered more Israelis than Hamas. The only difference between them is that the PA is presented as the moderate face of the local Arabs, which is much more dangerous and insidious.

If anyone thinks there is a difference between Hamas and Abbas they are mistaken.

Pessel Dina

Miriam Sara's comment above is what I have been thinking for some time, but she very articulately and beautifully put it into words. Israel is not negotiable. Hashem is the owner, so who are we to agree to give away his property without his permission!!

Prayer and emuna is our only weapon...

Hope to meet everyone in our Holy City soon!

David Aharon Lindzon [Lindsay]

The Lubavitcher Rebbe ZT"L, and Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D were were referring to Bereishit 1:1 and Rashi's commentary and if you will read the Ramban on that verse you will see why.
The Ramban added that the Stories point out the way Hashem rules the world ...
Strange that it is so up to date even though the were written 600 plus year ago pointing to our time.

The Rebbe also talked about the 7 Noahide of Laws ... we have a tradition from Sinai that any non Jew who faithfully keeps the 7 Noahide laws may Live in Eretz yisrael as a ger TOSHAV....

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